A 2021 Fitness Pledge

21 promises to make with yourself to make you a better CrossFit athlete in 2021.  Read each one, re-read a bullet point that resonates with you.  Write this list down to hang somewhere you can see everyday if you really want to hold yourself to this pledge. Read it again. Apply it, every day.

In 2021 I pledge to…

  • Log my score into SugarWOD even when I don’t meet my expectations.
  • Scale the workout even when my ego gets a little bruised but trusting in Coach’s advice.
  • RX the workout even though I’m a little scared and nervous but trusting in Coach’s advice.
  • Get to class on time, or even a little early!
  • Use my time wisely if I show up early by hitting some mobility, doing Crossover Symmetry to using the Mini Hip Bands.
  • Eat something 1-2 hours before my workout so I can have good energy to perform well.
  • Eat a vegetable (or two or three at least this year… ).
  • Complete all the prescribed reps; every round, every workout (unless intentionally scaling the volume).
  • Take the warm-up as seriously as the workout, paying attention to how my body feels in each position and being mindful and purposeful with each movement.
  • Maintain positive internal self-talk.  Catch my mind if it starts roaming into negative self-talk and turn it around as soon as I can with a positive mantra.
  • Compliment someone’s success more rather than simmer in my own jealousy or self-consciousness.
  • Go to bed at an appropriate time to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night…every night.
  • Choose water over sugary or alcoholic beverages every now and then.
  • Take at least one Rest Day per week.  More when your body and/or mind needs it.
  • Listen to my body when it is hinting at needing a Rest Day, and take that Rest Day, even if it isn’t my normally scheduled day.
  • Listen to my body and push a little harder when I know I’m well rested and well fueled.
  • Fist Bump that person on SugarWOD who always beats me by a few seconds or a few reps.  Acknowledge how much they encourage my fitness!
  • Try something new when Coach offers it…jump to a taller box, use a little bit heavier weight in a workout, try a new skill.  They are offering it because they believe in you!
  • Keep quiet while Coach is talking or giving instruction…help hush others who continue to talk when Coach is coaching.
  • Get some fresh air, at least once a day!  Breathe, get some sunshine and clear my mind for a few minutes every day!
  • Become not just a better athlete, but a better person this year!


Comment your initials in the Comment Section below or on the Social Media post you read this on to commit that YOU’RE IN for a better 2021!