Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

Getting your workout in first thing in the day has lots of benefits, including:

  • Less Distractions
    • How many times has the day gotten completely away from you and suddenly it’s 7:30pm?!  Getting your workout in before starting any other tasks ensures you never miss a workout!
  • Healthier Food Choices
    • When you feel good, you fuel good.  After a great workout, you feel more obligated to eat well to support your recovery…then you feel good about yourself for making good food choices so you continue to make good choices!
  • Increased Alertness
    • Getting that blood pumping is a great way to wake up and kickstart your productivity for the day!
  • More Energy
    • The best natural energy boost is getting your heart beating and your happy-hormones flowing from exercise.
  • Better Focus
    • Exercise boosts focus, combined with energy and alertness, your day will be super productive!
  • Better Mood
    • Happy-Hormones, called Endorphins, help boost your mood for the day
  • Support Weight Loss
    • Research shows a morning workout results in a greater amount of calories burned in a 24-hour window than any other workout time.
  • Increased Overall Activity
    • When you’ve gotten your workout in early, you have time throughout your day to get your work done AND get up and move between tasks too!  Again, feeling good makes you want to keep feeling good!
  • Improved Sleep
    • The best way to improve your sleep routine is start the morning of! Getting movement in first thing helps to set your circadian-rhythm to be awake throughout the day and then cycle into sleep-mode when it is night time.

Does that make you want to get up and workout?!

Good news, starting Monday, November 2nd, we are adding a 6:30am class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!  We are continuing to have the 5:30am class Monday-Friday as well.