Discipline vs Identity

When you look at your favorite CrossFit Games athlete, your inspiration of a Business leader or anyone excelling in something you admire, do you ever find yourself wondering “how do they find the motivation?” or that “they must be so disciplined!”?

Here’s their secret: they don’t have any motivation some days just like you, their self-discipline runs short sometimes too.

The only difference between “them” and “us” is a mentality shift that you can develop yourself too. The successful people didn’t get lucky with an endless fountain of motivation and rock solid discipline.  They have developed an identity in what they do.

Finding identity in what you do means that doing your “thing” isn’t what you do (or don’t do)…it means that your “thing” is who you are. 

That means when motivation is low, you don’t even have the moment to think about “I’m so unmotivated I’m not going to do this today…”, instead you can still have feelings of low-motivation but you do it anyway because it’s what you do and who you are.

People who find success with weight loss goals or fitness routines don’t suddenly develop unbreakable discipline, they have just developed an identity to become the person – the person who maintains weight loss, the person who workouts 5 days a week, the person who loves their body.

Being the person who does your “thing” means you never need to battle the motivation-monster, even when you don’t feel like working out, you leave the house and get to the gym and lace up your sneakers because that is who you are.

This can be applied to your career, your hobbies or your lifelong goals…become the person that you believe you’ll be when you accomplish that goal…but become them today, so that you can truly succeed your goals!