gym etiquette

Gym Etiquette

With restrictions of Quarantine starting to lighten up, we are all eager to get back into the gym and catch up with all of our friends, lift heavy, and regain some sense of normalcy. However, we still need to be mindful of the COVID-19 policies and basic gym etiquette so that everyone can enjoy their trip to the gym!

Here’s 5 quick checks that will make everyone’s experience better:

  1. Use hand sanitizer/wash your hands before and after the workout.woman with hand sanitizer
  2. Be efficient with your time when setting up and putting away equipment. Set up and Clean up can take up a significant amount of time with larger class sizes so we need to work together and not take more time than necessary so that the next class can start on time.
  3. Catching up with our fellow mates should be outside of the main gym floor or even outside of the building on the grass or outside rig area. This way we can still follow safety precautions in regards to the spread of COVID, keep the space open for the next class, and still get to enjoy the company of our friends. This also prevents any distractions when the coach is trying to brief the athletes on the workout, make announcements, answer questions, and be time-efficient so that everyone can get a great workout!
    guys fist bumping on the gym floor post workout
  4. Reserve your spot on Zen Planner ahead of time and cancel your reservation if you are unable to make it whether it’s a class time or open gym slot. We are still limiting the number of people per class in accordance with the Governor’s phases of reopening and need to track class sizes.
  5. Practice standard gym safety such as not walking behind someone that is lifting a heavy weight (especially if the weight needs to be dropped), bail from a lift correctly, and return your equipment when you are done using it to keep the space clear of clutter.


This has been an interesting year so far but we are slowly on the upswing and only by working together can we keep the momentum going!