Mindful Consumption

Nutrition, Social Media, Energy…Have you ever focused on the amount and type of things you consume in a day?

It is important to take inventory occasionally on what you’re putting into your body.  We’ll touch on the tactical items like food, but more importantly there is so much more that we consume in a day without even realizing!


You probably have been mindful in this area of your life!  It’s a go-to area for dialing in health, fitness, body composition and performance.

There’s plenty of resources available (including our in-house Nutrition Coach) to help you monitor your consumption and educate you on what’s good for you and what you should avoid.  It is also pretty measurable and objective…calories, macronutrients, tracking apps ect help to make this a manageable area of mindfulness!

This is a great place to start because nutrition has such a huge impact on more than just our physical health, it is deeply intertwined with our mental and emotional health too!

Social Media:

It’s a blessing and a curse.  While it can connect us to a whole world of information, education, inspiration, motivation and every “ation” possible, the entire concept of the source is viewed through a filter.

The daily average usage of social media in 2019 was 144 minutes.  For over 2-hours a day, we are consuming so much visually, emotionally and intellectually.  We need to be extra mindful about the things we consume through our social media channels to ensure we keep the healthiest frame of mind for ourselves as possible.

This one is tough to measure because it is much more subjective, however it’s important to always know that YOU are in control of who you follow!  If you find that after a few minutes of scrolling you are feeling discouraged, unmotivated and drained, it could be a good idea to take inventory of the people you are following and rid of those who are less than encouraging for you!

Instagram is full of accounts featuring picture perfect bodies (male and female!).  There are people portraying absolute perfection within their lives.  We all know that one mom who appears to be doing it all and loving life!  That one guy who travels the world, eats well and meets amazing people!  But is all of that actually real? Unlikely.

You are in control of who you follow online, choose people who motivate you for the best reasons!  Pick accounts that are honest.  Sure, maybe there’s some filters and majority of their posts are from their life’s highlight reel, but they also are open to showing you the mundane, the ugly, the blemishes and the bad days too.

It’s a Vibe:

This can get as “out there” as you want, or we can keep it down-to-earth too, but regardless there is no doubt that we can consume other people’s energy that we surround ourselves with!

Energy, as science puts it, cannot be created or destroyed but can be transferred (or something like that said Newton).  When someone with a bad-vibe and negative energy is around you, it’s pretty easy to leave that conversation feeling “icky” or even completely down on yourself too!

We consume what other people put onto us, so it’s important to be mindful of who we spend majority of our time with and how we handle that energy.  Again, this one is very subjective and can be hard to measure, identify or change but it is certainly worth bringing our attention to!

Just like a social media account that hurts our self-esteem, we need to bring awareness to the way we feel around certain people.  It’s pretty easy to click the unfollow button on Instagram but “unfollowing” someone in real life can be really difficult, especially if it’s someone we have known for a long time!  However, if that person is not nurturing you and the person you want to be, consider distancing yourself or at least having a conversation with them about building a more fostering space between the two of you!

There’s certainly other “things” that we consume in a day that require some mindful attention towards from time to time, however these three are a great place to start to ensure you are staying nourished and fueled from the inside out, physically, mentally and emotionally!