One Thing…What to do to be better today: Carry this one thing!

Whenever we go anywhere, there is always a checklist in mind of what we need to have in constant reach- phone, wallet, keys. For today, let’s add one more thing to that list:

Water Bottle.

For one day, carry around a water bottle with you everywhere you go and note how you feel. Drinking water is one of the most neglected health habits unless you have made it a part of your daily routine through practice. Sometimes, the lack of taste of water is enough to make people forget that it is one of the 6 main nutrients that our bodies need. Adding a little bit of flavoring is okay such as Mio, branched chain amino acids, or natural flavoring with lemons, cucumbers, berries and such. That feeling of “thirst” usually becomes more noticeable once your body is already about 7% dehydrated.

Phone, wallet, keys, and water bottle. Having it with you at all times will make you much more likely to drink thanks to the exposure effect. With the numerous amounts of benefits that come with proper hydration, why wouldn’t you want to?

  • Nutrient transport;
  • Flush waste;
  • Healthy skin and gut;
  • Weightloss;
  • Joint lubrication;
  • Regulate body temperature;
  • And many more!

Try out this potential new habit today and snap a photo of your bottle coming along for the ride with you all day, tag up @crossfitop !