One Thing To Do…What to do to be better today: Stand up

Welcome to part II of our new blog series, One Thing.

“One day at a time” is tried & true advice when it comes to making strides towards any goal.  I want to offer you a tidbit of advice each week, and feature advice from others within our community as well, that will help you be better, healthier, fitter, happier individuals today than you were yesterday.

I can’t wait to share small, simple steps with you that result in pretty major improvements when completed and repeated over time.

Today’s One Thing: Stand Up, every 20 minutes

Right now, set a timer to go off every 20 minutes.

It’s going to seem like they go off immediately one after the other, time flies when you get into a work-flow, BUT that is the reason you need to set an alarm otherwise it will suddenly be 3 hours later and you’ll realize your back is locked up, your legs are sore and you’re starting to doze off.

Getting up every 20 minutes while you are working will help to:

Get your blood flowing

This will help flush waste from your muscles and deliver fresh blood and nutrients, this will help with muscle recovery and overall reduced aches and pain!

Increase your energy and focus

A fresh delivery of oxygen to your brain and your muscles also means a boost of energy and even more focus!

Improve mobility

Don’t let yourself get stuck with tight hips and hamstrings, stand up and let your body restore itself with lengthened muscles, even hit a few stretches while you’re up for an even greater impact!

There are so many continued domino effects of standing up every 20 minutes that all help contribute to a healthy lifestyle!  Try it out today and see if you can build it into your routine more regularly!