one thing to do today to be better than yesterday, 15 minutes of sunlight for health and wellness

One Thing To Do…What to do to be better today: Sunshine

Welcome to a new series, beginning today!

“One day at a time” is tried & true advice when it comes to making strides towards any goal.  I want to offer you a tidbit of advice each week, and feature advice from others within our community as well, that will help you be better, healthier, fitter, happier individuals today than you were yesterday.

I can’t wait to share small, simple steps with you that result in pretty major improvements when completed and repeated over time.

Today’s One Thing: 15 Minutes of Sunshine

It’s a beautiful day today so what better way to kick off the One Thing series than getting outside!

Sunlight is how your body collects Vitamin D.

This vitamin is crucial for your health and wellbeing on so many levels, most importantly right now, it has shown to be a major defender and preventer of COVID-19.

Your body runs off of a circadian rhythm that is set by the sun.

Your body’s hormones fluctuate according to the amount of light that you process.  With so much excessive light exposure from screens and devices, your rhythm can be really thrown off causing sleep problems and fatigue throughout the day.  Getting some direct sun exposure can help to reset it and help you get back to a better sleep routine!

Sunlight and being outdoors will boost your mood.

Being outside and having warm sun on your face just makes you feel better!  Your feel-good hormones increase and help you truly feel happier!

Sunlight can help with recovery.

Feeling sore after this week’s training?  Sunlight will help boost your recovery by resulting in better, deeper sleep (back to those circadian rhythms) and that Vitamin D helps to strengthen bones and muscle fibers.

The best time to get your sun exposure today is between 10am to 3pm, even though it isn’t hot outside remember to apply sunscreen if you plan to be outside for longer than 15 minutes!