One Thing…What to do to be better today: Write down some goals

‘Tis the Season to look towards the New Year and figure out what we want it to look like for us!

Goal Setting is the best strategy to truly accomplish your dreams.  There is tons of research available supporting the use of goal setting and visualization to be successful.

So today’s One Thing for you is…

Write Down Some Goals

This practice almost guarantees your success…so why wouldn’t you take advantage of this skill?!  When you write down your goals, be sure to include:

  • Lots of details
    • What exactly is your goal that you want to achieve
    • How will you accomplish it
  • Write what it will be like to accomplish your goal
    • What will you feel like
    • Who is the “you” that accomplishes that goal
  • Include a timeline
    • When do you want to accomplish it

We have lots of other resources about goal setting available here on our blog, like “Say Your Goals Backwards” to help you truly find exactly what you want to achieve and “How to be a Goal-Getter” for how to set goals and accomplish them.

Lastly, once you have these written down, place them somewhere you will see them everyday. I know, it’s so cheesy and sounds a little conceited, but it’s a thing because it works.  And if you really, truly want to achieve your goals then you should be willing to take whatever silly means necessary to get there!