Stay Consistent During the Holidays: Workouts

Most days, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything in! Now, add in Christmas shopping, Holiday gatherings and your work’s end-of-year crunch!

Whether you were consistent and are now finding it challenging to continue your routine OR if you haven’t ever really found consistency and are like “well I’m not about to start trying that now!”…read on.

I’m going to help you figure out how to fit your workouts into your busy life, grab a pen and piece of paper. (seriously).

We are going to budget out your time just like you would budget out your finances to save up for that big Christmas gift!

First, plot out your daily timeline.

On your paper, draw a straight line.  Now add some lines to represent every hour in the day.  The first line will be your wake-up time, the last line will be your last hour of sleep.  (It should look something like the image to the right).

Now, fill in each event throughout you day following “Wake Up”.  Plot the time it takes for breakfast, getting ready, commuting to work, ect.

You can do this for your general day or for one specifically busy day…when will you find time to plot this out to start each day?  Plot it in today…we recommend at least 5:00 of slow, quiet YOU time each morning (read more about that here)

Once the timeline is filled out, check it out.

Are there any open spots on there? No, there probably isn’t!  You just told me your day is full and now it’s full on a piece of paper. I know ;).

Let’s get realistic.

Okay, now let’s break down each little piece within your timeline into mini-timelines for each event basically.

You have a 1.5hr lunch window…do you actually eat for 15 minutes and scroll Instagram for the rest of the time?

Does your morning routine really start immediately or do you lay in bed for 20 minutes scrolling online or answering emails first?

After work, after dinner, whenever…could you move something around to allow for 30 minutes?

It doesn’t need to be a full open hour.

To make a CrossFit Class, yes, you will need a little over an hour blocked out in your day…if you can find that time that’s great! But if you aren’t there yet, don’t feel like you need either 1-hour or nothing at all for a workout.  Setting a 15 minute timer and doing a different move at the top of each minute for 3-5 rounds can be equally as effective for your health and your fitness level!

Don’t forget your sleep.

At the start of this drill, I had you include specific hours for your sleep hours.  That component is just as important as getting your workouts in and might even be the best area to start when setting goals for improving your health and fitness.  Without sleep, our bodies can’t recover (mentally or physically) which means our awake-hours can’t be maximally efficient and productive.  So, if you start anywhere, start with getting at minimum 7-hours of sleep…then you just  might find you DO have the energy to fit in those workouts in your busy Holiday routine!