Stronger Together: Group Fitness Improves Mental, Physical and Emotional Fitness

Grab a friend, or a group of friends, and hit a workout together to boost your spirits, reduce stress and improve your quality of life!

That’s what studies are showing when comparing working out solo versus group training.


Having a workout-squad helps boost your motivation and consistency with workouts!  It makes sense, if you know your friends will be waiting for you at the gym, you will be much more likely to lace up and leave the house!  An added level of commitment is so important for a fitness-journey because working out regularly is more important than the type, duration or intensity of your workouts!


Research is showing that “healthy actions rub off on us”.  If you hang out with fit and healthy friends, you are much more likely to become fit and healthy yourself!

There have been multiple studies that prove working out together will increase the total amount of time spent working out and the amount of effort given in each session.

Plus, if you have any competitive drive from internal or external forces, working out in a group will help you push just a little harder, lift a little heavier, or rep out a few more exercises together.


What we know as the “runners high”, exercise releases happy-endorphins that boost our mood.  Working out in a group setting will boost those endorphins even greater from both the physical activity as well as the social bonding and camaraderie.

Just by smiling, your body will pump out endorphins.  It’s much more likely to be smiling, enjoying yourself and having some good laughs with a group of people than when exercising solo (unless you often laugh at yourself, which we do encourage anyway!).

People have reported feeling more calm after completing a partner workout than after a solo-session.  Group fitness is proven to drop stress levels, reduce anxiety and boost confidence at a greater level than working out on your own!

Who is your Workout Buddy, your Swolemate or your WOD-partner??

Send them this article to pass on the love, happy endorphins and support!!