There’s so many trends and challenges out there that tempt people to take on something “intense” and “tough” for (x) amount of days to see results.  But that’s too easy.

Doing the extreme makes you feel like you’re really doing something.  It makes you feel like you are making progress – you are miserable, you’re hungry, you’re hurting…you MUST be making progress, right?

Honestly, chances are you’re taking steps in the opposite direction from what you really want.  You’re setting yourself up to see some hot & fast improvement just to fall back down hotter and faster than ever!

“There’s nothing more 🔥HARDCORE🔥 than consistency

That quote was taken from a recent post written by Miranda Alcaraz who started the conversation about boycotting the “75HARD” challenge, and I couldn’t have agreed more with her standpoint!

Consistency and moderation are not sexy. But they’re effective.

When you’re sitting at your desk, satisfied from a sufficient lunch and mid-afternoon snack and simply energized (not exhausted) from your morning workout, it feels too easy.  But that’s the hard part.  Understanding that this is where you get better.  You don’t need to be starving all day to feel like you’re making progress.  You don’t need to be sore head to toe.  Improvements that last are the ones that slowly whisper into existence and then stick around until one day you happen to notice them and wonder when and where they came from.

Next time you’re tempted by the “challenges” of a restrictive, demanding, brutal fitness or diet trend, instead opt for the “365Moderate” challenge and keep on doin’ you!

That’s why at CrossFit OP, we focus any challenges we host around sustainability, longevity and overall healthy-habit building!  We want to help you get it done the right way, not necessarily the fastest way.