The Only “New Year, New Me” You Need

Old you…New you…unfortunately (or fortunately), there is only one you.  It’s Current-You.  You, right now, as you sit, breathe and read this.

man self reflecting in mirrorIn the New Year, don’t fall for marketing ploys that try to ✨reinvent you✨.  Change is good, self-improvement is great, but you don’t need an all NEW version of you.

Since there is only Current-You, here’s what you can do instead if you want to be better than ever this year.

When you saw that “NEW ME” headline, who did you visualize?

  • Who was the person you saw in the future?
  • What did they look like?
  • Where were they, what were they doing?
  • What was different about them vs Current-You?

Guess what, you probably already have to characteristics in Current-You, we just need to coax them out a little better and find the habits that encourage those behaviors to be more prominent and then minimize the ones that push us away from that end goal.

self-love heart on hand rainbow

If the person you visualized is nothing like yourself and truly a completely different person…I have news for you.  You will never reach that person; and that is a good thing!  You are unique and you are you! If you have trouble seeing your worth, value and all the great things about yourself ask a dear friend those questions about you and hear their answers.  You only get to be YOU once, and you’re truly lucky to be here and we’re truly lucky to have you here!  Keep working on the practices of self-love and positive affirmations to get to a place where you do love Current-You, because if you don’t love yourself now, there is no version of you that will make you magically start loving yourself.

girl writing down goals in notebook

Now, once you’ve figured out who that mystery “NEW ME” could be, how does Current-You already kind of look like that?

  • What characteristics did you see in “New Me” that, when you come to think of it, you actually already have? (chances are, there’s quite a few!)
  • What habits would “New Me” have to be where they are now, that you are already starting to put into place?
  • Who does “New Me” surround themselves with…are you surrounded by the same people now? Or, do you need to assess the company you’re keeping?

Once you’ve assessed all of the above, truly found love for Current-You, and mapped out which pieces of you that you want to highlight in the New Year, you are already 10 steps closer to reaching your goals than you would be if you followed the “New Year New Me” marketing ploy down the rabbit-hole!

CrossFitOP has lots of ways to help you with establishing healthy habits and routines that could support Current-You and the characteristics you want to highlight!