Tips for Going Out to Eat (or Ordering In!)

Holiday season is in full swing and you may find yourself needing to eat out (or order in) the next month or so. If that’s the case, here is a friendly reminder to prepare your bellies well:

  • Eat a light snack/protein bar/protein shake beforehand so you are less tempted to gorge on appetizers (ie: unsalted nuts, nut butter packets, greek yogurt, low fat cheese, whole grain crackers, half a protein bar or protein shake are great options).
  • Drink a cup of water to feel a little fuller.
  • Less sugary beverages.
  • Incorporate plate method for portion control.
  • Look for the following descriptions: broiled, steamed, baked, blackened, sautéed, roasted, fresh, light, grilled, poached.
  • Get a mixed green salad full of veggies and ask for dressing on the side (use a thumb or two serving).
  • Split appetizer and/or main entree if you know the restaurant serves large portions.
  • Substitute with whole grain options.
  • Eat half entree and save for the next day.

I hope these tips come in handy for you as you tackle the busy holiday season in ease. However, it’s also perfectly fine to enjoy eating out every once in a while, too! Food is meant to be enjoyed and here at CrossFit OP, we want you to embrace a healthy and positive mindset when it comes to your nutrition while also sharing how you can do this with simple habits.

If you are looking to improve your eating habits and need accountability, start now by signing up for our Nutrition Challenge starting Monday, January 4th.

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