Why all Females Should Strength Train

Hitting the weights is for anyone.  Thankfully, CrossFit has brought much more normality to women lifting barbells, pumping dumbbells and slanging kettlebells!  The shift to getting more women in the weight room has had such a positive impact for girls, women

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Utilizing CrossFit for Injury Recovery

CrossFit has played a crucial role in helping me recover from multiple knee surgeries and it can help you in recovering from injuries, too. When CrossFit training is combined with proper coaching it is highly effective for injury rehabilitation. If

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three movements to train with the eccentric phase

Building Strength with the Eccentric

Your muscles have two phases of movement; the Concentric Contraction is when the muscle shortens and the Eccentric Contraction is when the muscle maintains contraction while being lengthened. Both play an important role in strength training however the latter often

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female crossfit athlete chalk hands and barbell improve mental

4 Steps to Improve a CrossFitter’s Mindset

As a CrossFit athlete, you put in tons of hours and attention into your training, your form and technique, and even your nutrition.  Focusing on those aspects undoubtedly help you see positive progress.  But one “muscle” that often gets overlooked

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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset: Part I: The Differences

Have you ever heard the phrase “what you believe is what you will achieve”?  There is truth in that statement; your mind is powerful.  What you think about yourself and your abilities will shape your life…but whether your mindset is

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Improve Sleep Quality with these 7 Hacks

The most overlooked performance enhancing “drug” is SLEEP. What’s crazy is, all you have to do is go to bed.  There’s a lot of challenging habits and routines to try to stick to in order to be the fittest and healthiest

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CrossFit and Female Hormones

Do your hormones impact your CrossFit performance? As a Female CrossFit Athlete, this is probably something you’ve asked yourself, brought on by a terrible training session sometime around the start of your cycle. A quick review: during each month, your

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crossift after covid what to expect and how to return to workout

CrossFit after COVID

It’s not often we write a post that we hope no one needs…but this is one of them! However, unfortunately, this is a reality that many people have faced or may see sometime in the future.  We’re crossing our fingers

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