Athlete of the Month: January ’21

We are proud to share our January 2021 Athlete of the Month; Rayanna Temples! About Rayanna: Age: 40 Occupation:  Recreation Assistant for Fitness and Sports on Ft. Eustis Fitness background:  Played softball for the drinks after. Fitness Classes with friends while

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The Only “New Year, New Me” You Need

Old you…New you…unfortunately (or fortunately), there is only one you.  It’s Current-You.  You, right now, as you sit, breathe and read this. In the New Year, don’t fall for marketing ploys that try to ✨reinvent you✨.  Change is good, self-improvement is

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A 2021 Fitness Pledge

21 promises to make with yourself to make you a better CrossFit athlete in 2021.  Read each one, re-read a bullet point that resonates with you.  Write this list down to hang somewhere you can see everyday if you really want

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Active Recovery vs Rest Day

You’ve probably heard of Active Recovery, seen some Active Recovery Days programmed somewhere or saw your favorite CrossFit athletes on IG posting their Active Recovery session…but what does that mean? And should you be doing it too?? When it comes

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Being Aware of Emotional and Mental Exhaustion

We have all been there; tired, stressed, worn out, irritated, depressed, anxious. Sometimes, we feel all of these things at once and sometimes in waves. With the year coming to end and recycling of restrictions, seasonal depression or SAD (Seasonal

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Stay Consistent During the Holidays: Workouts

Most days, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything in! Now, add in Christmas shopping, Holiday gatherings and your work’s end-of-year crunch! Whether you were consistent and are now finding it challenging to continue your routine OR

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