How Many Burpees Does it Take to Burn Off Thanksgiving?






Your Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t need to result in punishing yourself to “burn off the calories”.  It’s likely your meal will be higher in carbs and fats than your usual dinner but in the grand-scheme of your health and your fitness, it’s going to have zero impact on your overall wellness or performance!

Participating in a Thanksgiving morning Turkey-Trot or joining the 9am or 10am CrossFit class we’re hosting Thursday morning should be a celebration of your gratitude and thankfulness for your health, for camaraderie with your community and your appreciation of moving your body!

These day-of workouts are not an opportunity for you to “earn your pie”.  It’s not your only chance to feel good about yourself.

You don’t need to earn any food…on Thanksgiving or any day!

You get to choose how you feel anytime, any day!  Understand that your meal doesn’t need to be followed by guilt.  You are allowed to indulge in a delicious meal and dessert, you’re allowed to enjoy your friends and family and you’re allowed to feel completely free of negative feelings about yourself!  It’s Thanksgiving for goodness sake, find a way to be nothing but THANKFUL for the body that carries you through life!

It’s the Holiday season, extra treats and comforting meals are going to be all around us.  If you find opportunities to fuel yourself with whole foods and vegetables and stay active with things and people you enjoy on most days, you can easily balance your indulgences without losing any progress into the New Year!

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