Athlete of the Month: December ’20

Calvin Bakazan!

About Calvin:

Age: 16

Occupation: Student / Chick-Fil-A

Fitness background:  Crossfit for a year now before that did football

Hobbies:  Video Games

Favorite pre/post workout: pre workout- apple and cheese stick post workout- cheeseburger and chocolate protein shake

If you could have one Super Power, which would you choose?


When did you start CrossFit and why did you choose OP?

I started last year in september. I chose OP because CrossFit sounded fun and challenging. When I first started the coaches and people were super nice so I wanted to keep coming back.

What was your first workout/most memorable workout?

I don’t remember my first workout but I do remember hitting my first Rx workout last Thanksgiving. It was super awesome hitting that goal and achieving something I have not done before.

What were/are your goals and how has CrossFit and OP helped you accomplish them?

My goals are to get bigger and gain more muscle mass. The community has helped so much by helping me with nutrition and excellent coaching during the classes and other tips to get me in the right direction.

What are your favorite CrossFit movements and why?

I love anything pull ups. I am good at pullups and they are fun to do since I recently have learned to butterfly them.

What is your proudest CrossFit accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment was competing in the Open last year. At the time I had only been doing CrossFit for about 3 weeks. I was kind of nervous at the word “competition”, but it was super fun and I am glad I did it.


What’s something memorable you’ve learned at OP from the coaches, the members, or about yourself that you’d like to share with others?!

I have learned that I am capable of doing more than I think. The encouragement and the environment in the gym pushes you to your limits and makes you feel super thankful that we have such an awesome community that wants to help you get better.

More from Calvin:

Big thank you to all the coaches and fellow crossfitters that have taught me so much and helped me grow and achieve so much in the past year.