Athlete of the Month: June ’20

Katy Martello!

About Katy:

Age: 32

Occupation:  Aircraft Mechanic

Fitness background: Soccer, rugby, distance running

Hobbies: I’m sort of a homebody. But I try to be as involved with my work as I can. I recently volunteered to be a resiliency facilitator. It’s the Air Force’s way of talking about the stressors we deal with at a small group level.

Favorite pre/post workout: White chocolate macadamia nut protein bar or orange juice


What is your spirit animal?


What is your favorite “Cheat Meal”?

Doughnuts with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles

What 3 Things would you bring with you to a deserted island?
knife, soap, metal canteen

What are your top 3 most frequent Emojis?

When did you start Crossfit and why did you choose OP?

I started Crossfit in 2014 but I didn’t join OP until 2016.  I’ve lived in what feels like every city in Hampton Roads and I’ve belonged to at least four boxes in the area.  OP is set apart from all local and distant boxes I’ve been to because of the community.  There are many sincere and genuine coaches and 

athletes.  It has always been a welcoming experience and everyone is always included, whatever your personal goals in the box are.  I also enjoy when members can get together outside the box, whether it’s for a local fitness fest or to enjoy a meal together.

What was your first workout/most memorable workout?

My first work-out, I remember had box jumps in it and I felt like I couldn’t walk for days.

What were/are your goals and how has Crossfit and OP helped you accomplish them?

I feel as though my goals are always evolving.  My current fitness goals are to just be healthy enough to pass my physical fitness test for my job.  I have a back injury that has caused me to re-evaluate not just my fitness goals, but my life goals.  Because of my job, the type of injury I have, if I don’t manage the injury, I can be medically retired.  I had to take what I felt like was 10,000 steps back from how I used to view my physical fitness.  I feel as though I’m always striving for the next best thing because if I’m not, I’m not working hard enough.  I don’t need to work out 5-6 days a week.  I don’t need to lift those heavy weights.  I don’t need to master muscle-ups by tomorrow.  My job means a lot to me and I wish to be doing it for the next twenty years.  OP  has shown me there is no pressure in doing work-outs as prescribed, only do the work-outs to your ability.  And it’s definitely okay to take your rest days. 


What are your favorite Crossfit movements and why?

Anything gymnastics  because I’ve always wanted to learn it and it’s something completely out of my fitness background.

What is your proudest Crossfit accomplishment?

Being able to do strict pull-ups, something I never thought would be humanly possible for me.


What’s something memorable you’ve realized or learned while being at OP?

Trust in the process, small improvements everyday will lead you to your goals.