Athlete of the Month: March ’20

Alan Moody!

About Alan:

Age: 47

Occupation: Designer at Newport News Shipyard

Fitness background:
As an ‘adult’, I chased my 3 kids around. Trust me, that will kick your butt like a WOD!! I have also worked out in various gyms and played all kinds of sports throughout the years.

Anything that involves hanging with the family. I love all things beach! Going to North Myrtle Beach…it’s more than a hobby. I also enjoy projects around the home. I have found that making improvements aroWund our home to be both satisfying and enjoyable. I love to involve my kids whenever possible.

Favorite pre/post workout meal:
Gotta be honest…it was only recently that I started paying attention to what I ate before or after workouts. I’m lucky enough to have Cami help me out with that and steer me in a good direction. Rx bar and apple is what I try to do before a workout.

What is your spirit animal?

Flying Squirrel…because they’re awesome!

What Super Power would you want to possess?

Teleportation–because sometimes it’s not about the journey

“When I dont listen to the coaches”
“When I dont listen to my wife”


What is your favorite “Cheat Meal”?

Pizza & Beer

What 3 Things would you bring with you to a deserted island?
Cami–i have to have someone to tell me what to do!
Kettlebell–because what can’t you do with a KB
My mattress–i love my sleep!

What are your top 3 most frequent Emojis?

When did you start Crossfit and why did you choose OP?

Cami and I joined (kinda) in May 2019.  We started doing OP30 classes. Late September 2019 is when we officially signed up and started doing the WODs.  We first found out about OP from Shelley. She told us about Crossfit for kids for our daughter, Palin. Everyone at OP was friendly and inviting while we were there watching Palin’s class.  Cami and I had been talking about getting healthier for a few years. We “eased” in doing the OP30 and never looked back. One of best decisions we have made!

What was your first workout/most memorable workout?

My 1st workout was a partner WOD.  A little intimidating, since I didn’t know anyone.  But, in true OP family style, Burton stepped up and was my partner!  Of course he had to carry me…but it was my 1st one!!

Most memorable workout was the Filthy Fifty–Cami’s first WOD–9/7/19

We repeated this again on 12/28/19.  I beat my time by almost 7 minutes while doing more Rx stuff.

What were/are your goals and how has Crossfit and OP helped you accomplish them?

Overall—just to be healthy


What are your favorite Crossfit movements and why?

The Kipping Pull-up.  I want the bar muscle up…badly!  But you have to small and baby step it!  A consistent chest to bar is next!

What is your proudest Crossfit accomplishment?

handstand pushups–who knew I could


What’s something memorable you’ve realized or learned while being at OP?

Learning to breathe…who knew I was horrible at it.  Remembering to breathe, when to inhale, and when to exhale.  Every time I am out of breath, doubled over…trying to find oxygen from somewhere…all I hear is Eric…’Stand up, you’ll get more oxygen’!!

Every coach has helped me along this journey.  The combination of knowing when to push me and when to hold me back is truly amazing.  My weakness is busting out of the gate full speed…only to trip, hit a wall, fall of the cliff, etc….

A big thank you to all of the coaching staff who continue to help and inspire me every workout!!

More from Alan:

I believe all of us have examples in our lives for how we want to be as we age.  For me, it was my grandfather. He never stopped moving. My grandmother and him vacationed all over the world…enjoying things like bungee jumping when he was 70 years old! He played golf into his late 80’s and continued walking golf courses into his 90’s.  He lived a healthy full life.