Athlete of the Month: March ’21

We are proud to share our march 2021 Athlete of the Month…
Stephanie Gaiani!

About Stephanie:

Age: 55

Occupation:  Office manager at Alamo Sewer and Drain

Fitness background:  

High school cross country team, after that have worked out at various gyms including planet fitness 


Reading, cooking, spending time with my son, enjoying the beach when I can

Favorite pre/post workout: 

Scrambled eggs, spinach and whole grain toast

If you could have one Super Power, which would you choose? 

To fly!

What is your favorite Cheat Meal?

Mexican Food

When did you start CrossFit and why did you choose OP?

I began CrossFit 3 years ago.  I chose OP because I read very good reviews of it, and the day I went in everyone was so welcoming that I signed up that day after talking to Dani.

What was your first workout/most memorable workout?

I began OP with personal training with Trey and soon discovered that I really enjoyed lifting weights . I then joined the Legends class which has been the best experience! Being a part of a group that uplifts your spirit as well as motivates me to do more each workout has been incredible!

What were/are your goals and how has CrossFit and OP helped you accomplish them?

My goals are to be as fit and healthy as I am able, also to someday do a strict pull up and push up.  This box has enabled me to be so strong! And, with the amazing Coaches, has helped me to do things I never imagined possible. The workouts here continue to challenging and improve my skills at CrossFit.

What are your favorite CrossFit movements and why?

I have enjoyed the back squat and deadlifts as I really enjoy lifting as heavy as I can!

What is your proudest CrossFit accomplishment?

Just being a part of this community is wonderful, but I would have to say  last year when I made the leaderboard ranked 5th in women’s scaled at our gym during the open!!

What’s something memorable you’ve learned at OP from the coaches, the members, or about yourself that you’d like to share with others?!

Knees out, flat back and elbows up!

More from Steph:

The encouragement that I have found from all members at our OP has continually helped me reach goals and stay motivated and be inspired to do more!