Athlete of the Month: October ’20

Spencer Trevisan!

About Spencer:

Age: 26

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Fitness background: Football, Bro Lifting, Lacrosse

Hobbies: Hunting, Archery, Fishing, Ice Fishing, Reading (mainly Finance and American History), Most Activities Outdoors

Favorite pre/post workout:

Don’t eat directly before, just normal lunch. Post: Porterhouse Steak or Venison Steaks

What is your Spirit Animal?

Great White Shark. It’s a great hunter and eats a lot. I also bet they can lift a lot of weight.

What Superpower would you want to possess?

Teleportation (makes being on time easy)

What is your favorite “Cheat Meal”?

Meatlovers Pizza or Buffalo Wings

What 3 things would you bring with you on a deserted island:

My bow, a hatchet, and a flint striker

What are you top 3 most-frequently used Emojis?

Don’t use emojis, big fan of Memes

When did you start CrossFit and why did you choose OP?

About a year and 3 months ago. My coworker Greg Giordano who is a member finally talked enough trash at work and convinced me to go with him. I am not the hardest person to coax into something by talking smack.

What was your first workout/most memorable workout?

I forget the name but it was a partner WOD of 120 power cleans increasing weight every 20. Did it with Greg Giordano (~62 years old at the time) and me (25) lost (meaning Greg carried more than 50% of the workload and barely broke a sweat). It was a humbling experience. He told the guys at work and I took some flack from that for awhile.

What were/are your goals and how has CrossFit and OP helped you accomplish them?

Goals for now would be to finish my graduate degree and continue to keep up my fitness so I can pursue two of my favorite hobbies, hunting and ice fishing. Dragging deer through the woods and sleds of gear through heavy snow on frozen lakes can be physically taxing. OP obviously helps with the second goal since its fitness demanding. For the first goal I think improvements in physical fitness also helps considerably in being able to stay mentally engaged and focused on tasks more intellectually based as well.

What are your favorite CrossFit movements and why?

Well Bench Press is by far the best  and I don’t think it needs to be explained why.

But crossfit movement the Bar Muscle Up. I would say because of the intensity required for the movement and mentally it kind of feels like you are going for a ride on a runway train when you string em together.

What is your proudest CrossFit accomplishment?

I would say it’s a tie between my first strict pull up ever and my first Murph, but I am not totally sure I feel like the challenges are ever forthcoming so looking back on accomplishments gets put to the back burner.

What’s something memorable you’ve learned at OP from the coaches, the members, or about yourself that you’d like to share with others?!

From being at OP I would say I finally learned the lesson firsthand that perseverance through struggle breeds success, which can also be applied outside the gym in academic and professional pursuits. I learned this by finding someone who is your friend but also your nemesis in competition. Ideally they should be better than you at 50% of the movements and then compete to beat that person. The struggle, pain, and intensity you and that person will voluntarily go through together to win will make you both stronger mentally and physically, and also will make you better friends. Basically find someone who challenges you and doesn’t let you throw in the towel because you’re tired. I found a few of those people at OP not just one