Coachability…What Is That?

Are you coming into the gym with a mindset that will allow you to learn and grow as an athlete??

When we have a “been there, done that” mentality, we cause ourselves to stagnate and keep from progressing.

Instead of rolling your eyes at another breakdown session of a movement you’ve already done before, approach every training session, including warm-ups and drills,  with a beginner’s mentality.

What does that mean?

Act like it is the first time doing each movement and pay close attention. You will hear or see something that will stick out to you that will further your progress by dialing in your technique.

4 easy ways to be Coachable:

  • Be on time

  • Be prepared

  • Be attentive

  • Be ready to learn

Being coachable will consistently improve and hone in your technique. When you take great technique and add intensity you will experience vast improvement.