How to be a Goal-Getter

Got Goals?

Some research has shown that people who set goals are ten times more successful than those who do not set any goals.

TEN times?!  Whether that’s in dollars, workout repetitions or barbell weight, we want a piece of that!

You’ve probably had a few goals that you’ve set upon, maybe even written down on a sticky note where you’ll see it every day, but you still haven’t accomplished it…does that mean you suck against all statistical odds?

Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s your goals.

To be a better Goal-Getter, your goals need to be “Get-able”.

No matter the type of goal you want to accomplish, picking a behavior focused goal will always be more successful than an outcome focused goal. Here’s some examples of outcome focused:

  • Lose 10lbs
  • Squat 300lbs
  • Make $60k
  • Graduate with a 4.0
  • Be a good mom/dad/wife/husband
  • Get my first pull-up

All of those goals are focused on the end product…they have nothing to do with what it will actually take to accomplish it!  Instead, create goals focused around your behaviors to become a master goal-getter. Here’s some re-writes of those above goals:

  • Track my nutrition 5 out of 7 days
  • Follow (x) squat program consistently and fuel properly before and after sessions
  • Research and land that $60k salary job by spending 1 hour every evening researching, studying and applying
  • Study consistently each day and prioritize homework daily, ask questions, be an engaged learner
  • Stay present during family time by putting down work and phone, ect.
  • Be on time, get my work done for the deadline, do a little extra when I can
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to class and stay 10 minutes late and incorporate Coach’s pull-up strength program 3 days per week

As you can see, those behaviors are much more detailed than the 2 word goals listed earlier and these details can be broken down into even more specific actions…the more broken-down each goal, the better goal-getter you’ll be.

By focusing on smaller, daily tasks (or even hourly tasks) you will feel more accomplished with every step you take, or if you happen to misstep it is an easier recovery the next day or next time-of-action instead of feeling like a total failure.  It puts you in control of your goals rather than a random outcome just dangling out there somewhere in front of you.

So, what’s your goal?  How can you make it even more behavior focused?  How can I help you with accomplishing those behaviors??  If you want some help or accountability, email me at!