Normalize Mobility

Let’s Normalize Mobility.

Show up to the running trail, do dynamic stretches from your car to the trailhead.

During work day, get up and move around.  Put your foot on the chair and stretch your hips.  Hit a doorway stretch on your way into the meeting.

At the pool, do some dynamic flow to loosen up your shoulders before jumping in.

On the golf course, do pass-throughs with the Driver and stretch into rotation holding onto the cart.

Do a few scoops and leg swings at the bowling alley before taking that first shot.

Teachers doing virtual learning, take some class time to get yourself and your kids out of chairs to move and stretch your muscles.

What if we could do all of those things without getting an odd look.  Where would everyone’s general well-being be if adding mobility and movement was normal and expected in everyday life?

Let’s normalize mobility so that we aren’t in pain, we aren’t as sore and we don’t get injured doing our activities of daily life and recreational fun.

Spread the word, do the stretches, invite an on-looker to join you.

Let’s Normalize Mobility.