Parent’s Guide to CrossFit Kids

Every week, we have 2 CrossFit Kids classes at 3:45pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Classes are organized and led by Coach Lindsey Bomba with other coaches helping out with specific classes at times too!

Coach Bomba wanted to share some things for parents to know when they drop their kids off at the gym!  She has been working with kids and parents for many years and has some answers to commonly asked questions.  Check them out below and if you’re interested in getting your child signed up for classes, contact!

1. Kids should bring a water bottle and be wearing comfortable clothes & shoes

    • We like to encourage positive habits, like staying hydrated, plus limiting too much scattering-about especially with COVID-19 concerns.
    • Comfortable clothes and shoes simply means something they can move freely in!

2. You do not need to stick around during class! Take the free time to enjoy yourself or catch up on an errand or two!

If you do choose to stay and watch:

    • please try your best to watch from a distance
    • please refrain from “coaching” your child when they are in class (including no-repping)
    • sometimes the goal of the class is for the children to follow directions or work as a team, not necessarily to count their reps at this stage
    • most of the time, the child’s behavior changes when parents are present…and usually not for the better…please keep this in mind for the coach’s and other athlete’s sake!

3. Sometimes we are not able to break the kids up into separate, older and younger, groups…but we do try to challenge each individual athlete safely!

    • it’s more important for the kids to get the hang of each movement, follow directions and work as a team ect than it is to lift the heaviest.
    • a benefit of working together is that older kids get the chance to teach and role model for the younger kids and little athletes have someone to look up to!

4. Please check in with the coach when you are picking up your kid (walk in, wave from the car, make eye contact with the Coach

    • we want to make sure your child is safe when class is over!  They should not be running out into the parking lot alone after class.

If you have any other questions regarding our CrossFit Kids class, please contact us!