Apps to Support your Fitness Progress

We’ve got every type of technology and information right at our fingertips, so how about we start using our phone apps to support our health and fitness goals!?

Here’s a collection of apps we recommend you use if you want a leg up on your fitness goals:


  • Record all your workouts – plus CrossFit OP utilizes this platform to post our daily WODs
  • Track your progress – the app will celebrate if you hit a new PR!
  • Continue making gains – keeping track of what you did in the past will help you know how to approach a workout today by utilizing the correct weight and scaling options, according to what you did previously.
  • Plus, connect with your classmates – on each workout OP posts, there is a leaderboard with every athlete’s score listed where you can “fist bump” and comment and stay connected, even if you don’t get to see them at your class time every day.

Coach’s Eye:

  • This app allows you to video your movement, like an Olympic lift, and break it down frame by frame by frame.
  • It also has the feature to draw a straight line right on the video in order to track bar path or your body positions.
  • Utilizing smart videoing can help you improve your form and technique.
  • You can also put two videos side by side to compare one lift (that maybe you missed) to another lift (that was a successful lift) and see where you went wrong on your miss!
  • It’s almost impossible to catch small errors in real time and it’s tough to catch them re-watching a video clip.  The best way to learn and fix your movement is super slow-mo video!

MobilityMVMT or ROMWOD:

  • These mobility apps will help you have better mobility, less pain and improved recovery right at your finger tips!
  • With specific individualization (each app offers slightly different things), you can customize your mobility session to exactly what you need to be working on.
  • These do require a paid membership however investing in your mobility might be just the thing you need to actually stick to it!

MyFitnessPal or MyMacros+:

  • Either of these apps, or plenty others, are designed to help you keep track of your nutritional intake.
  • Set goals, record your food intake (along with plenty of other factors) to watch your progress outside of the gym!
  • While working with a nutrition coach is the best way for individualized help on improving your habits, your lifestyle and therefore your health and fitness, these apps do offer remote-coaching options if you need some accountability.

For the females, Clue or a similar period tracking app:

  • I’ve detailed the importance of tracking your menstrual cycle in a previous post, which you can read here.
  • In that post is also a list of period tracking apps to consider.
  • Tracking your cycle provides a valuable peek under the hood of your health, as portrayed by your hormones.
  • It’s also important to learn how your cycle impacts your performance, your mindset, your weight fluctuations and your recovery.  Use it to your advantage rather than letting it get you down!


  • Utilize this video streaming app to watch demos and instruction videos on any movement under the sun!
  • Follow along on yoga sequences, different types of workouts or new stretches to perform.
  • You can really go down a rabbit hole in learning all about CrossFit’s history, the elite athletes, the HQ staff and everything in between to make you fall in love with CrossFit even more!

Put all this technology to good use and to your advantage of reaching your goals this year!