Bridal Bootcamp: How CrossFit Can Get You Ready for Your Big Day

Spring is in the air, love is in the air, and brides (and grooms!) are getting ready for their weddings!

Especially with so many couples sidelined this past year from COVID-cancellations, it’s finally time for brides and grooms to ditch the bootcamp class that only focuses on cardio and dieting…instead of that, CrossFit Oyster Point is here to help!

We understand that as a bride or groom, you want to look and feel your best on this special day! So many photos, so much dancing, so much good food and great company – you want to be focused on those important items, not worrying about how you look in your gorgeous dress or dapper suit.

CrossFit can help you get wedding ready in 5 major ways:

Strength Training

With every CrossFit class, you will strength train your entire body with the variety of weight lifting and workouts we do! Building strength means your muscle mass will increase (that “toned” look people strive for only can happen by having muscle mass!) and fat mass will decrease (the more muscle you have, the more body fat your burn on the daily!).

You can see great body composition changes, all without restrictive dieting!

Nutrition Guidance

We have two certified Nutrition Coaches in-house that are ready to help you fuel your body so that your hard work in the gym is repaid with nourishment! Our approach to nutrition is habit-based…no restrictive meal-plans or hard-to-follow processes. That means you will see positive progress while feeling great and your results are more likely to last!

Boosted Confidence

From exceeding your own fitness expectations to seeing your hard work pay off, CrossFit will help boost your confidence through the roof! Nothing is better than feeling confident! Learning to love every bit of yourself and loving your body for everything it can do will help you feel great in your skin.

Improved Fitness

Have a fun honeymoon trip planned? With higher levels of fitness you are sure to enjoy your trip even more! Fun hikes, beach trips, or simply the sprint across the airport to make your connecting flight, being fitter will make your life much more enjoyable!

Increased Energy

After a good sweat-session workout, you will experienced increased energy for the rest of the day and consistently feel more energized each day between workouts as well. You’ll need all the energy you can get for wedding-planning, so come join us for a workout!

Click here to schedule a No-Sweat Intro to learn more about our programs, pricing and how we can help you be a fit and healthy couple on your wedding day!