Athlete of the Month: December

We are proud to share our December Athlete of the Month;

MaryEllen Pace!

About Mary Ellen:

Age: 36
Occupation: Urologist in United States Air Force
Fitness background: played soccer and ran track in high school, played a couple of years of soccer in college
Hobbies: hiking, being outdoors, running around with my 2 year old Merritt and husband Collier, and spending time together as a family

More Fun Facts:  

What superpower would you want to possess?  
What’s your favorite Cheat Meal?
some kind of yummy seafood pasta AND chocolate  
When did you start Crossfit and why did you choose OP?

My husband, Collier, encouraged me to join CF months before I was brave enough to try it.  I had never even lifted a barbell before CFOP.  I had recently moved to Newport News with our son while Collier was living in Illinois.   I used to run and do yoga frequently but after moving to NN I wasn’t making time for myself.   I started CF in March 2018 after a lot of suggesting and encouraging.  I chose OP because my husband, Collier, came to a drop-in class while he was home visiting and thought it’d be a good fit.

What was your first workout/most memorable workout?

I think my most memorable moment was doing Murph this year.  I loved how united everyone was and how supportive the CF community was that day.  I also remember that I was able to do all of the pull-ups which completely shocked me because I could not do a pull-up when I joined in March.

How has Crossfit and the OP community helped you accomplish your goals?

Honestly my first goal was to show up and be present.  I started with a goal of 3 times a week and have now settled on 4 times a week.  I wanted to have something outside of work and taking care of my son to look forward to and be a part of.   CFOP has done this in many ways by challenging me physically and mentally and by providing such a wonderful community of people (I especially love the nooners).

What are your favorite Crossfit movements & why?

I like gymnastics movements in general because they are challenging but fun for me.  I also like anything running/rower/assault bike because it helps clear my mind.

What is your proudest Crossfit accomplishment?

I don’t remember the exact WOD but when I completed my first Rx WOD.  It used 35 lb dumbbells, which felt way too heavy when I started.

What’s something memorable you’ve realized or learned while being at OP?

I love all of the coaches at CFOP.  I’m so impressed by their dedication to the athletes and also to themselves.  It is really motivating to watch them workout and see how strong and committed they are.   I also love the community and friends I’ve made since joining.

More from Mary Ellen: 

Thank you so much for welcoming me into this community.