Athlete of the Month: March

We are proud to share our March Athlete of the Month;

Doug Oliver!

About Doug:

Age: 25
Occupation: Software Developer
Fitness background: Participated in a team sports as a kid (soccer, basketball, baseball). Kept in shape with JROTC in high school and martial arts early in college. Recommitted to going to the gym and exercise after college.
Hobbies: Running, Kayaking, Hiking, Podcasts, Video Games
Favorite pre/post workout meal: Pre workout: A solid meal (low fat, high protein, good carbs) a few hours before and a piece of fruit or toast within an hour of working out. Post Workout: Breakfast food and beer!

More Fun Facts:  

What is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a dog!

What superpower would you want to possess?  

Time Traveling. I’m a big history buff, so seeing the past first-hand would be great.

What’s your favorite Cheat Meal?

Sushi! Or any seafood really.

If your life was a TV Show, what type of show would it be?

I would want it to be a comedy “documentary” show like The Office or Parks and Recreation. I’d love to see everyone’s interviews and all the zany events that would occur.

What three things would you bring with you on a deserted island?

Duct Tape, A machete, fire starting kit.

What are your top 3 most frequently used Emojis?

When did you start Crossfit and why did you choose OP?

I first tried Crossfit WODs in 2012 with my martial arts team as part of our conditioning. After going to “regular” gyms for a few years, I missed the team building aspect of exercise so I researched local Crossfit gyms and CFOP looked like the best. I did the intro classes July of 2018 and turns out it is.

What was your first workout/most memorable workout?

I just started my first Crossfit Open and one workout in it’s already been memorable. The nerves and excitement from everyone was contagious and having everyone there to cheer you on during the heat made it so much fun.

How has Crossfit and the OP community helped you accomplish your goals?

Crossfit gives me an outlet both mentally and physically to be the best I can within the WODs. The confidence from smashing the workouts has definitely translated to other areas of my life.


What are your favorite Crossfit movements & why?

I love the gymnastics movements in Crossfit. Kip swings, toes to bar, handstand push ups are all challenging but the most rewarding. The strength and agility they require really puts them over as my favorites.

What is your proudest Crossfit accomplishment?

Stringing together double unders for the first time!

What’s something memorable you’ve realized or learned while being at OP?

The most memorable thing about CFOP is the community driven attitude that builds with the members. I met a few people I’d casually chat with at other gyms, but I’ve made friends at CFOP and they encourage me to be my best in and out of the gym. From the fist bumps to Jim and Diane opening their house for the Christmas party, it’s certainly about more than just hitting PRs and getting “gains”.


More from Doug:

Just want to thank everyone from the coaches to the CFOP members who’ve helped me get started and on the path of this wild adventure. Smashing PRs and transitioning that Scaled to Rx movement is always rewarding and you all make me want to keep coming back every day (even when I’m very sore)!