Be Open During the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is officially 28 days away! On March 11th at 8pm, we will find out the Open workout for 21.1 which all athletes around the world will be completing on Friday (or throughout the weekend) to test their fitness and see where there performance stacks up versus the world.

During the Open, it is such a great time to learn about yourself as an athlete, a competitor and just as a person!  You don’t need to identify as an “athlete” to complete the Open and you don’t necessarily need to be competitive, it just makes it more fun 😉.

In order to get the most out of the CrossFit Open, I believe you need to go into it with an OPEN mindset and attitude! Rather than approaching it as just another workout, go into your Open workouts ready to learn something.

You will only learn if you take the opportunities below;

Be open to new challenges.

The CrossFit Open workouts are written for you to “expect the unexpected”.  Approach new challenges with open arms.

Be open to taking chances.

These workouts aren’t “training”.  Don’t play it safe and stick to the set sizes and weight jumps you are certain you can always hit.  Take a chance and try something a little outside your norm.

Be open to trying something new.

New challenges, new chances, even new workout class times.  You just might find something you really enjoy.

Be open to failing.

You can’t learn by always winning.  When you take chances, you open up opportunities to fail, and that’s okay.  You have to be open to failing in order to do any of the above.

Be open to being uncomfortable.

Getting uncomfortable…isn’t comfortable.  But be open to pushing yourself outside that comfort zone!  Embrace the challenges and give it your best!  We guarantee you’ll learn your limits are deeper than you thought.

Be open to cheering for the athlete that is higher on the leaderboard than you and lower on the leaderboard than you.

That’s part of all the fun!  Don’t let the leaderboard stress you out and put you into negative comparisons.  Just cheer for that person that’s better than you but also stay humble and cheer for that person that you’re better than.  Your attitude and your compassion say much more about you than your standing on the leaderboard does anyway.

Be open to get a little competitive, with yourself or with others.

Many people will shy away from competition, but the Open season is the perfect time to get a little competitive.  Find an athlete on the leaderboard (worldwide or at the gym) who is a similar level as you for a particular workout, then try to beat them! Or, just stay competitive with yourself and try to beat your previous PRs!  Competition is healthy!

If you haven’t already, get signed up for the CrossFit Open!  We will be putting together our Intramural Teams soon and you don’t want to miss out on all the FUN that’s to come!