Female CrossFit Athletes to Follow

These four women are not just athletes– they are artists, entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers. They are powerful women whose journey’s are unique, honest, and inspiring.


1. Christine Kolenbrander

from Instagram @christine.kole

Christine is a 2x CrossFit Games athlete for CrossFit 417. Along with her athletic abilities and evident passion for Jesus, she is also an artist. She has designed two headband lines for Junk Brands which showcase her artistic side and her faith.

Christine’s posts are encouraging, fun, honest, and real. She brings a unique spin to the typical fitness Instagram and frequently interacts with her followers. Through that interaction, it makes you feel further connected to her journey. It’s not uncommon for her to respond to your comment on one of her posts or stories. She loves to give to those around her through giving her time, posting giveaways, and offering knowledge she learns throughout her experiences. Christine’s personality as well as her uplifting and fun posts, make her a female athlete worth following!

2. Kara Saunders

from Instagram @karasaundo

Athlete, mom, business owner—Kara does it all! This Australian has competed in the CrossFit Games 8x, most notably finishing 2nd in 2017. In May 2019, she gave birth to a daughter, Scotti Saunders. She returned to competition in 2020, arguably stronger than ever. Kara finished 6th in the 2020 CrossFit Games—just one year since the birth of her daughter. Kara is also an entrepreneur. She owns CrossFit Kova, now known as CrossFit Newstead after merging with another box. Additionally, she co-owns a company that makes active wear sunglasses called Active Eyewear.

In addition to posting adorable clips of her daughter, she posts about her on-going journey as a mom, CrossFit athlete, and business owner. Her journey as a female athlete is raw and inspiring, how could you not click the follow button?

3. Lauren Fisher

from Instagram @laurenfisher

7x CrossFit Games athlete and known for encouraging body positivity, Lauren Fisher is certainly worth following on Instagram. Lauren has competed in six CrossFit Games as an individual and one time as part of a team. She finished 3rd in the 2019 Games with her team, CrossFit Krypton.

Lauren’s posts about body positivity are a large reason so many people, especially women, follow her journey. She encourages women to embrace their bodies and to fuel their bodies properly. She also reminds women that is okay to be a strong woman! In essence, she encourages all of us to normalize normal bodies. Lauren owns Grown Strong as well, a company that sells minimal equipment fitness programs and workout clothing for women.

4. Tasia Percevecz

from Instagram @tasiapercevecz


Tasia burst onto the CrossFit scene in 2016 making her first and only individual CrossFit Games debut. She returned to the Games in 2018, this time competing in the team division with CrossFit Mayhem Freedom. They placed first and Tasia returned the next year. In her third CrossFit Games appearance in 2019, she and CrossFit Mayhem Freedom repeated as team champions.

This past season with no team division due to the pandemic, Tasia took the opportunity to pour into young athlete and training partner, Haley Adams. She coached Haley for the 2020 Games season and was her one guest at the second stage of the competition.

Tasia is humble, loves others well, and has a fun sense of humor. She’s a team player at heart. Her posts are encouraging and she is bold in her faith. Additionally, Tasia enjoys going on unique adventures which is evident on her page. She also loves doing charity work with the Keala Foundation, a charity that helps build healthy community for underprivileged youth in Hawaii through fitness and a yearly camp.