Keep Playing: What the Real Goal Should Be.

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Many of you have supported me on my journey by representing my KEEP PLAYING shirt and we’ve all come to fully adopt that phrase as a mantra to carry us through the craziness of 2020.

The Keep Playing mindset is something that everyone should aim to have because it is rooted in creating success for yourself, from a 20 minute workout to lifelong health, fitness and longevity.

The Goal is Not To Go Fast, But To Keep Going.

If you’ve taken one of my classes, you’ve probably heard me say something along those lines.  In many workouts, you will perform much better if you move at a pace that will simply allow you to keep moving rather than trying to go really fast…but never making it to the finish line (very tortoise and the hare).

Sometimes we think we’re starting out at a “keep going” pace but then suddenly realize we’re dying and made a very bad choice…we’ve all been there. That’s where the Keep Playing mindset comes in…it’s about adjusting on the fly and reframing our goals and our pace to find what we can maintain.  It includes keeping a positive mentality, instead of being hard on yourself and thinking things like “I’m so unfit, I’ll never be good enough” you have to work to think positive and allow yourself to learn and grow from failures.

I embraced this mantra so deeply because I’ve been working on all of that myself.  In workouts and in real life.

The mantra goes beyond just the workout though, the goal should be to Keep Playing for a lifetime.

Instead of trying to get really fit, really fast, find a journey that will allow you to be fit and fast for your lifetime.  Take those rest days, recover your body, fuel yourself well.  The quick-fix is also a solution for a quick-breakdown.

Keep Playing is such a better way to frame our goals and our mindset because it means we will embrace the journey and always find success along the way.  If you make the goal to always Keep Playing, you will always stay in the game.  It’s a behavior goal instead of an outcome goal (read more about those here).  Because no matter how much you focus on the “end-goal”, it doesn’t bring it any closer to you and it doesn’t guarantee you’ll ever reach it.

Rather, it reminds you to be present in the moment where you are, appreciate the opportunities you have and thrive with what you’re given.  Keep Playing includes simply showing up and doing your best in all aspects of life including training, nutrition, relationships and every habit!

So the next time you head into a workout, tell yourself to just Keep Playing.  When you are undecided on a decision whether about working out, nutrition or in your life in general, ask yourself what will help you Keep Playing?  And of course, like the name sounds, have fun while you’re doing it 🙂