One Thing…What to do to be better today: Practice Gratitude

We celebrated the day of Thanksgiving a few days ago.

Hopefully you had plenty to feel thankful for and took some time to think over those things and express gratitude to the people and things you are most appreciative of in your life!

Now, add that practice to your every day!  Today’s ONE THING is to practice gratitude for just 1 minute every day!

Take 1:00 a day to be thankful!

Some people enjoy jotting down a list of things they are grateful for – if you’d added Juanita’s One Thing morning routine to your habits, that would be a good time to write down the top 3 things you’re grateful for that day!

Or, simply take a moment to sit quietly without distractions and really focus on and visualize the things you are most grateful for.

Taking time to do this will result in:

  • More positive emotions
  • Feeling more alive
  • Better sleep
  • More and better expression of kindness and compassion
  • Even having a better immune system!

The big impact of such a little practice can be really long-lasting and effective!  It’s certainly worth implementing into your routine as often as you can.