One Thing…What to do to be better today: Big Picture

Today’s One Thing: Think of the Big Picture

It’s easy to get caught up in the tiny details of the day-to-day so keeping in mind the bigger picture can help ease your mind as well as help you make decisions that will keep your progress continuing every day!

When it comes to your workouts…

Don’t look at each daily workout as singular, individual “Metcons”.  Think of each workout being one brick that’s building up into *~Brick House~* that you are!  Looking at a workout as an individual typically leads to choosing a weight that’s too heavy or a skill that’s a little out of reach because all you want to think of is finding success that one day, on that one workout.

Realistically though, if you were to view the workout in the big picture and choose to modify a weight or a movement today, it is likely going to actually produce more success in the long run! Whether that’s building better strength by maintaining the workout stimulus or improving a specific skill more because you chose to follow appropriate progressions.  Or even as simple as avoiding a long-term injury!  Keep the big picture in mind.

When it comes to your nutrition…

Think of the whole goal, the big picture, when you feel that devil and angel on your shoulder telling you to “eat that!” or “don’t eat that!”.

Neither answer is right or wrong, but your big picture can make that decision easier to make…here’s how:

If your big picture is a specific goal…of physique, health, fitness, performance, whatever; ask yourself if your meals are supporting that.

But at the same time, consider the WHOLE big picture…is the meal you’re facing going support your mental health and be an enjoyable treat that will make you feel happy and help you continue eating healthfully because you’re not feeling restricted?  Is this a special occasion meal with friends or family or your moms famous homemade dish that you love and always want to remember?

Sometimes the answer is an easy “nope this doesn’t support my goals and doesn’t provide any other big picture perks” and other times it may be “this doesn’t specifically impact my goals but big picture, I don’t want to miss this occasion!”.  Either answer is a great answer.

When it comes to your life…

Last one here, same concepts and process.

It’s easy to get caught up in one stressful moment or one awful day.  Instead of mulling in how terrible that moment is, think of the big picture and ask yourself if this will really matter in a week, a month or a year?

Continue asking yourself to put your frame of reference into the big picture with all the challenges and opportunities you face.  You may find that decisions are easier to make and you will be better today than you were  yesterday.