The Healthy Living Equation

“Selective Willpower” + Supportive Environments + Healthy Routines = #SUCCESS”

Let’s break that down…

Selective Willpower

Choosing areas in your life that require you to have willpower, or self-discipline. Your entire health and fitness journey should not require willpower. If that is the case, you are likely on track for burn-out and losing more progress than you make.

Choose the non-negotiable areas of life that you want to live, love and enjoy! Then, pick the areas that you know you can practice willpower against when the temptations arise.

Supportive Environment

Having an environment that correlates with your goals helps to limit how much of that willpower you need to use. For example, not keeping junk-food easily accessible in the house will mean you won’t have to use willpower to resist that temptation. Another example is surrounding yourself with friends and family that support your health and fitness journey!

Healthy Routines

Set up a weekly rhythm that will support your long-term goals! Invest some time at the start of each week to set yourself up for success all week long…the time invested will offer heaps of returns throughout the week when you don’t need to stress about your meals or making healthy choices.

On Sunday, put in some time meal-prepping! This will save you time all throughout the week by not having to cook again until the end of the week, plus it gives you no choice but to EAT your scheduled meals each week!

Set the time aside each day as well to eat those prepared meals. Skipping meals is a recipe for feeling terrible, performing poorly and eventually binging on unhealthy foods just to satisfy your hunger rather than focusing on nourishing your body.

Set up morning and nightly routines for yourself that align with your goals. Meditation, reading, light stretching, breath-work or journaling are all healthy routines that could be beneficial in your health journey!