Tips to Improve Your Bench Press

1. Actually Do Bench Press How many CrossFitters actually do bench press on a regular basis? Not many. In fact, most CrossFit programming leaves out the bench press. But, if you want to improve your bench press, you must add

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What CrossFit Over 50 Looks Like

One of the few places where “I’m too old” isn’t an appropriate reason, CrossFit gyms have established tailored training sessions for men and women “Legends”, the 45-50+ crowd. The old stereotype of CrossFit is slowly breaking down and for good

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Rowing Machine

Turkey Quinoa Chili

Craving a delicious and easy home-cooked meal this winter? Look no further than this healthy crockpot chili recipe! It’s full of vegetables, protein, and fiber making it a perfect meal for CrossFitters. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1 pound

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Apps to Support your Fitness Progress

We’ve got every type of technology and information right at our fingertips, so how about we start using our phone apps to support our health and fitness goals!? Here’s a collection of apps we recommend you use if you want

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The Case for Accessory Work

Accessory work; you have probably heard the term thrown around at the box. Maybe you’ve even done it, but you wondered why it was worth doing or thought it was boring and not as beneficial as high intensity WOD. I’ll

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Be Open During the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is officially 28 days away! On March 11th at 8pm, we will find out the Open workout for 21.1 which all athletes around the world will be completing on Friday (or throughout the weekend) to test their

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Female CrossFit Athletes to Follow

These four women are not just athletes– they are artists, entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers. They are powerful women whose journey’s are unique, honest, and inspiring.   1. Christine Kolenbrander Christine is a 2x CrossFit Games athlete for CrossFit 417. Along

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Athlete of the Month: February ’21

We are proud to share our February 2021 Athlete of the Month; Ricky Calvillo! About Ricky: Age: 25 Occupation:  United States Coast Guard Fitness background:  Used to play soccer and then started to just weight lift Hobbies:  I’m a sneaker-head

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